The Client:
The Seasonal Clock is a numberless clock that forces the owner to think more about the now and less about future. It forces the user to live in the moment. 
The Ask:
Create a 60-second television commercial, a website homepage, a 50-word customer testimonial, a 75-word personal experience, and 2 online banner ads. We were given this brief and just expected to write to it, that was the ultimate goal of this project. 
Headline Choices:
Slow down, live more (Chosen line).
Life the way nature lives it.
What character would you like to be if you could make time slow down?

60-second TV Commercial

Why do we wait? Why do we deliberately waste our time, just waiting? Why do we wait for something good to happen? Why do we wait for a great experience to occur? They say great things come to those who wait, but what do we waste when we wait? Life happens fast. We forget to slow down. We forget to savour things. We wait for tomorrow when today is already here. Don’t wait. Everything good in life is happening right now. What are you waiting for?

Website Homepage

You don’t think of minutes, hours, days or weeks. You slow down and just live. Live in real time with real people. You think about moments and people you’re around. Strive to complete something new every day and know you’ve created a new moment. 

50-word Testimonial

(Unedited) Perspective. It all comes down to perspective for me. Knowing that this clock takes a year to go through one cycle, it makes you think about all the things you do within that revolution. You look at your spring season as the beginning of your outdoorsy life. I walk to my favourite coffee spot instead of waiting in my car for it. Summer becomes about meeting new people in a new place. I met Louise, Matt, Terry and Michael. You define those moments of now with those colours. You know when it’s green on the clock, the dew from the morning grass is going to smell ever so fresh. Or even the hand turning towards the purple means that Christmas is around the corner, and the holiday drinks are back out almost everywhere.  It becomes less about days, weeks and months, and more about today, and it also puts life in perspective. Our lives are based around a clock, but not like this one. There was so much to do, and to do now, and I really felt that after understanding what today meant for me. This clock is exactly what it said it would be. The present.


Edited Version

Online Web Banner

(1) Live in slow motion. (2) Why wait for tomorrow when today is here.