The only live-action marketing conference. But how do we get the word out about it?

Airport Wi-Fi: Our target tends to travel a lot for work, and ends up spending a lot of time waiting and working in airports. This is a fun way to get to them even when they're not at their desk.


Develop an adaptable marketing campaign that will drive awareness and consideration to attend our live-action marketing conference, sponsorshipX.

1. Attention-grabbing experiences activate a specific area of the brain,

which then releases memory-boosting chemicals

2. Sharing new experiences make us more open, and create lasting relationships with people.

Traditional conferences are boring. Attendees move in herds from one bland room to another, and their experiences are soon forgotten.


We will demonstrate the juxtaposition between

sponsorshipX, and traditional conferences by showing how the immersive and unique activities you experience with other participants will create truly unforgettable moments.

Digital Magazine: By choosing magazines that each of the 4 target sectors would read we are able to

micro-target them. This ad poses a simple question that conference goers have experienced before, and juxtaposes it to SponsorshipX. 

































The Ask:
Facts & Findings:
The Big Idea:

LinkedIn: 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions, and the platform allows us to narrow our target even further. This is a dynamic ad, which takes the users information and put it on the business card shown in the ad. 

Twitter: Our target is attending other marketing conferences throughout the year and follows a lot of these conference hashtags. Twitter walls are huge at these conferences, and this would be a nice way to get our name out there and disrupt those conferences. 

A collaborative campaign created alongside Vanessa Hussey (, Melissa Rempel (, and Colton Everett ( All copy written by Davion Bharose.