The Problem:
WWE is the most well-known sports entertainment company in the world. They have revolutionized wrestling from a regional attraction to a global phenomenon. They've grown globally, but struggle in their key markets of the US, Canada and Europe. 
WWE is like an inside joke, you either get it or you don't. Is it real or fake? Why are they fighting? What is actually happening? These are the types of questions that people constantly ask themselves, without any real answer. The untapped audience looks at WWE as a sport and not entertainment, which is not how the company sees themselves.  
WWE isn't the easiest thing to understand. Let's use that as an opportunity. Explain the intricacies of the industry and make it clear who WWE is and what WWE does. 
To all entertainment goers looking for an escape,
the WWE is the over-the-top sports entertainment event that offers the best of athletic competition and engaging stories that allow the viewers to have a temporary escape from reality because the WWE has been doing it for the last 60 years, and we show no signs of stopping soon. 
The Big Idea:

Who writes a book about wrestling. I do. The book can be read here:

These are Social Media GIFs. You don't need a PHD to understand wrestling. It's not rocket science. And these prove it. 

WWE recently announced a partnership with NEXTVR, who specialize in VR entertainment experiences. We've partnered with them, let's use'em! This would be used for selected matches that would help the viewer understand what is going on, even if they haven’t seen the show beforehand.